Yakima, Washington Stop #2

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We spent two weeks in Yakima, Washington which is about 2 hours outside of Seattle.  We watched the lush mountainous trees slip away as we drove more into desert like mountains, that still looked pretty, especially when the sun hit them the right way.

I ended up loving Yakima, despite seeing locals hiding away in corners shooting up with needles. Yep, you read that right.

Yakima, Washington brought me the best apples I had ever had and extreme kindness from local shop owners- The type of kindness where they stamp your store loyalty card 4 times instead of once, so that you can get a free sandwich by the time you leave town.

The old train station was turned into a delightful coffee shop, which gives you a quaint atmosphere but also good coffee and treats.  The local sub shop beats out Subway any day with toppings such as pineapple to go on your teriyaki chicken sandwich.  The visitors center has local flavored honeys that are to die for.  If its happening while you are there, go to the farmers market!  We tried grapes there, that taste like grape jolly ranchers!  I now understand why grape flavoring tastes the way it does! Definitely try some wine as Washington has a lot of wineries!  We did a $5 wine tasting and sampled 5 wines!  Oh, and coming from a Texan, the Mexican food restaurant was gross.  You can skip that place.  There is still room for chains like Target and Olive Garden, which we seem to find by every hotel stop we make.  So, you still feel like part of civilization despite being in a small town with no car.

My thoughtful parents surprised me with a package of snacks for the cast.  Trying to feed into the stereotype of starving actors, we demolished this whole box in 2 days! Getting surprises on the road is super exciting and centering!  So thanks mom and dad!

All in all, it was a nice town.  I recommend definitely visiting Washington.  I'm not sure Yakima needs to be on the list, but if you end up there, you're in good hands.  Just don't J-walk.  You might get stopped by the police- Michael, cough cough.

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