25 Photos that'll Inspire you to Visit Stockholm!

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It's easy to fall in love with Stockholm.  The architecture alone did it for me!  Check out some photos and see if it makes you want to hop on a plane!

Looking across the water to Gamla Stan
I can only imagine the boats in summer time!
Looking out to Sodermalm
I simply adored the walkways and tunnels
The cobblestone twisting streets are enticing
Ice Skating in the Park
Each cafe has such a cozy personality
I loved the colorful buildings!  (Yellow is my favorite color!)
Stortorget at night!
The stunning National Cathedral
Many streets are primarily for foot traffic
Get lost in the hidden walkways
The pastel colors of the building facades are like a dream
You can stay on this boat for your accommodation!
Night views from Sodermalm
Everywhere seems to have a warming glow in winter

Don't forget to look up!
This is what an afternoon stroll to get Fika looks like!
Cozy inside- Winter wonderland outside
The Vasa Ship at the museum
The historic Grand hotel
Epic Statues- Like most major European cities
The Swedish Flag flown off the back of a ship

More Gamla Stan, because I couldn't get enough of it!

The adorable architecture of Stortorget
I hope you enjoyed the photos, and that they inspire you to visit Stockholm, Sweden on one of your next adventures!  Be sure to check out my other posts on Stockholm- What to do/see, all about  fika, and coming soon, what/where to eat!

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  1. I 💛💙🇸🇪Stockholm! The city is so beautiful and I always feel at home when I'm there. My favorite time to visit is Beginning of summer or Fall. I've experienced every season in Stockholm more than once. It's always lovely

  2. Oh what a lovely, thriving city! I cannot wait to visit for myself!

  3. Oh wow, Stockholm looks even cooler after seeing these photos!!



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