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Stock Up with Free Breakfasts

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When you are on tour, you are going to be in different types of hotels everywhere.  Some will be normal, some will be amazing, and some will have some extra perks.

Learn to think ahead and stock up when there is a free breakfast!  Not all hotels will have them, and it will help you save money and not eat out all the time.

I like to take the apples and peanut butter, because that's a good healthy snack for the bus rides.  They tend to last awhile too.

I also snag a few oatmeal packages.  Most rooms will have a microwave or coffee pot that you can use to make the oatmeal.

And although this is obvious- if you're trying to save money, skip the Starbucks.  Almost all hotels will provide coffee and tea for you in the lobby and have coffee machines in the room!  Living the high life y'all!  

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