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Life on the Bus

8:45:00 PM

It's definitely weird getting used to living on a bus. Always in Motion.  Changing time zones.  Half of the time, we as a cast don't even know what city we are in!  One night we were performing in Ashland, KY.  We were all confused and surprised that night when we went out to a bar by our hotel and were told we were in West Virginia!

On the bus, we have quiet hours until lunch so people can get their rest in.  Sometimes, just sitting up straight can get you restless so we get creative.

I like floor sleeping under the seats... Like so --->

<----- Or sometimes it feels good to stretch out my legs, like so.

Then sometimes I get so restless, I turn the seats into a jungle gym.  Like so ----->

Changing positions is the key to not going crazy, especially on those longer bus trips!  Can you give me any ideas to try?!

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