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Photo by: Karissa Barney

There's nothing quite as exciting as landing in a new city and taking off walking, especially when you don't know what to expect!!  For our entire three days in Stockholm, we loved simply strolling around town, enjoying the beautiful architecture hidden around every cobblestoned street curve.  There's no lack in site-seeing in this city on water that's comprised of little islands connected by bridges and ferries.  Each area has its own personality, most famously the old town of Gamla Stan.  Which brings me to your first Must See in Stockholm!

Gamla Stan

We found ourselves wandering back here each day to experience just a little more of its charm at different times of day.  Gamla Stan is "one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in Europe." (visitstockholm)  Dating back to 1252, this area is picturesque and exuding character.  Get lost as you walk down dim-lit tunnels and winding pathways, discovering new places to snag a coffee or meal. We probably overindulged in "Fika," a daily coffee and pastry break that's more for refreshing and socialize than for the treats.  Be sure to check out my blog post on Swedish Fika, as you'll want to incorporate this tradition/lifestyle into your life too!

 Gamla Stan houses the Royal Palace, which is one of the largest palaces in the world.  We enjoyed walking around the grounds, watching the guards routinely march around entrances, and peeking into the National cathedral.  The famously photographed square called Stortorget is guaranteed to make you pull out your camera for a while! Be sure to pop in the shops for a traditional hand-painted wooden horse or other souvenirs if you want to bring something home.


If you're into museums, this is where you want to go! Museums line the streets, including the ABBA museum, Skansen museum, Viking museum, Nordic museum, and so much more!   The website View Stockholm, which provides incite and posts on different tourist destinations and activities, recommended the Vasa Museum which displays the actual Vasa ship that sank in 1628, and was excavated in 1961.  The museum website states it's "the world's only preserved 17th century ship and the most visited museum in Scandinavia." So naturally, we had to check it out!  You don't need a lot of time here, but seeing the preserved woodwork of such an ancient creation was truly magnificent! I enjoyed the short 25 minute tour, so if you go, try to time it out to hop on one!


Take a ferry or cross over the bridges to Sodermalm (If you walk, you'll get some pretty bangin' viewpoints of both Sodermalm and Gamla Stan) Sodermalm felt trendy and hip in comparison to the old fashioned feel in other areas.  Home stores are neat to walk into, to see the differences in interior design.  Locals swarmed the streets, enjoying their weekend in the crisp air. Flowers were being sold on the street even amidst the winter weather.   It's a nice area to check out if you want to experience a different side of Stockholm!

Norrmalm/City Center

This is definitely what I would consider the shopping district where I saw recognizable store front names, including H&M on seemingly every corner.  So, we stayed a bit away from this area, but no shame if you like it!  There was also a Design Week festival happening! We did however strap on some rental ice skates and provide laughable entertainment for the locals as we wobbled around their rink Kungstradgarden.  The string lights and music made for a magical evening! Something we didn't get to do was check out a sauna or bathhouse which apparently is very popular in Sweden.  If you can, try and check one out.  I'm betting there are some in this part of town. 

So where do you stay?!

We wanted to be in the heart of it all, so we chose to stay at the STF Stockholm/af Chapman &Skeppsholmen Hostel.  I cannot recommend it enough!  We stayed in the captains suite on the AF Chapman which is.....wait for it.....  a 19th century steel boat!  I giggled with glee every time we approached the ship, excited to rest my head in such a unique place.  The facility was clean and charming, and the staff was kind and helpful.  You can choose to stay on the boat or in their building next door, where there are facilities for lounging, a bar, and a breakfast room.  We chose to dine there for breakfast as the spread was tasty and inexpensive.  The views on the boat deck were my favorite in all of Stockholm.  There was nothing more magical and waking up to overlooking Gamla Stan and the palace.  Both with snowfall and shining sun, I could have stayed up there admiring the city for hours.  The location is perfect.  We walked basically everywhere we wanted to go, or you could easily hop on a ferry or other transit for quicker options.  Honestly, if you want an affordable, centrally located, and unique experience, you should consider here!  You'll be gently rocked to sleep.

More on what and where to eat in Stockholm soon!
And "25 Photos That'll Make You Want To Visit Stockholm"

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  1. I could really get down with an "H&M on every corner".

    SO much temptation!!!

  2. Cute post! I love Swedish food - what was your favourite dish during your trip?

  3. Great post! Sweden has been on my bucket list FOREVER and I really like the photo of you and your friend 'holding' up the two buildings :)

  4. Bookmarking this for my Stockholm trip! I heard so many good things about the city and have been wanting to go, but it's quite pricey, right? Any tips on how to do Stockholm on a budget?

  5. I loved Stockholm too! The Vasa Museum was interesting. What I liked the most about Stockholm was the cool art in a lot of the subway stations! Did you visit those stations during your time there?

  6. Stockholm sounds like a great city for walking. I also think it's funny that there's an H&M almost everywhere. Reminds me of Japan where there's a Uniqlo almost everywhere!

  7. Ahh this is awesome - I have a friend who is absolutely obsessed with Stockholm, but I've yet to go. Looked like you had a blast!

  8. I visited Stockholm few years back! Your post reminded me of my trip. Thanks!



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