About Me

Hi there!  My name is Mandy!

I love everything that is caramel, crafting with random objects, being up to see the sunrise, meeting new people, and laughing enough every day to replace an ab workout.
I am a southern gal at heart from Texas who enjoys sports and BBQ.  I moved to Chicago, Illinois for college where I studied musical theatre.  After graduation, I traveled overseas to Europe alone and caught wanderlust and the travel bug!  I try to make adventures in my life every day, as well as plan trips to other parts of the world.  I recently traveled across the country on the National Tour of 42nd Street.  

This blog is going to document some of my adventures during tour and travel as well as give travel tips, reviews of places and things, and more!  My goal is to help people who want to back pack realize that it is affordable and doable, as well as help actors who are about to go on tour, as I personally couldn't find much help on the internet.  I hope you enjoy it!

I believe we can make every day an adventure if our hearts are in the right place.  So, come on and adventure with me!


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