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Corn on the Cob on the Go

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I was going to the visitor's center to get some post cards in Yakima, Washington.  And at the door, they had crates of husks of corn, peaches, nectarines, and tomatoes from a local farm.  FREE SAMPLES IT SAID!  
ummmmmm, anything free, always try it!  

So I took a nectarine to taste local produce.  The lovely local store worker told me I had to try the corn.  I sighed, and said, I can't really cook a husk of corn because I am staying in a hotel.   She told me- "But you can microwave it, in the husk, so it steams in it's own juices!"

My life is changed.

Cooking in the Hotel:
Corn on the Cob

All you need:  husk of corn and a microwave, and a knife if possible
1. Cut off the end of the husk (the cute lady at the visitors center did the cutting for me but you can ask to borrow from the hotel!)
2. Microwave it for about 4 minutes
3.  Squeeze the end of the husk, and the corn will pop out!

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