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Consolidating Your Suitcase

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Most people know that to save space in your suitcase, you roll your clothing.  If you didn't know that, well, now you do!

I found when I would go searching through my suitcase to find a particular top, I would pull things out and they would become unrolled.. And if you're in a hurry, this leaves a mess of a suitcase.  When traveling, I want to try and remain organized, despite living out of a suitcase.
So, here is a solution I tried and really like.
I went to a dollar store and bought hair ties and rubber bands.  Cheap ones- No need to spend lots of money!
I used them to wrap around my rolled clothing to keep them rolled up and tight.  Now when I pull things out, the stay rolled and I can neatly stack them right back in!  Plus, I have hair ties and rubber bands around, which surprisingly comes in handy,
And it helps keep dirty clothes separate.  Anything not wrapped in the tie or band is dirty.
Let me know if you try out my new tip and how you like it!  It definitely keeps me way more organized!

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