20 Photos of Prague, Czech Republic!!!

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View overlooking Charles Bridge from the tower
The famous astronomical clock that dates back to 1410
A closer look at this beautiful clock!
One of the many intricate building facades
A rooftop view looking into the old district 
The gothic Old Town Bridge Tower- 138 steps to the top
A tight-rope walker above the main town square
The stunning interior of one of many Cathedrals
You can take a carriage ride around the city!
A local blacksmith forging metal into tools 
A view along the Vltava River
Many of the streets are foot traffic only
The coolest bubble maker I've ever seen!
Another one of the many clocks in Prague
The architecture around the city is enough to entertain you for the day
One of the 30 famous statues along Charles Bridge
An artist drawing a rather impressive portrait of a tourist
Church steeples tower in the sky around the city with Gothic and Baroque design some dating back to the 1100's
I love how colorful the buildings are and how they curve along with the footpaths
Looking up at the details in the dome of a cathedral 


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  1. truly inspire me to go and visit PRAGUE once!. Great photos and you have captured it so well.



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