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Get above the Clouds- How to Find Cheap Flights!

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So, you have the travel bug but don't quite know where to start.  OR it seems impossible because flights are sooooooo expensive!  Well, yes, they can be.  But you can also find really affordable options if you know where and how to look!  Here are some resources I use to find my flights!

The Flight Deal

The Flight Deal emails you different airlines deals that happen each day.  I wrote about this is my last post about booking my flight to Norway and Sweden through this site!  If you want to know more- click here! It's my favorite place to look everyday!

Google Flights

I love google flights.  It's helpful because if you put in the place you want to go, they show a calendar with all the different prices for each date for that flight.  So, you can see right away your cheapest option on when to travel here.  I also love it because you can "explore destinations"  I put in my point of origin and what month, and it shows you what it would cost to fly basically anywhere in the world.  It's fun to look around and get inspiration to go new places.


Skyscanner is similar to google flights.  But, I find that sometimes if finds budget airlines that aren't listed on google flights.  I think its always worth comparing the two sites for the best deal.


Hopper is a super useful app!  You put in the trip you want to take, and it tells you if you should buy the ticket now or hold off.  It follows price trends and predicts if the price will drop, and if so, around when.  Or it tells you to "book now."  Remember it is a prediction.


This is a site where you put in your destination, and it checks prices of cheaper flights that have stopovers there.  So, you would just "miss" the connection flight!  So you can only have a carry-on bag, but an interesting option to look into!


Simple but we forget about it from time to time.  I found my friend a flight on here for her to meet me in Brazil, and it saved her money rather than directly booking on the airline's site.  You can always compare the price of what you are about to purchase on priceline to see if there is a deal.

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